DConf 2016 Talks


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The DConf 2016 talk videos have been released.

Here’s my (very short) list of special recommendations. They’re worth watching even if you don’t use D.

Code Versus Data



Some years back I wrote a program in C++ using an obvious object-oriented architecture. Then, later, I had to rewrite it in C, and I learned some pretty good lessons about software design.

The Enterprise Pushbutton


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Let’s talk about a hardware driver for a pushbutton. A pushbutton driver isn’t as completely trivial as it might sound because you need debouncing logic to ensure a crisp on/off signal, but it’s hard to imagine how it might need more than about 100 lines of C code.

After working on this particular embedded system, I didn’t need to stress my imagination any more. This pushbutton driver was modelled as an explicit finite state machine, and all the possible states and transitions were specified in a spreadsheet. Then there was a python script that processed this spreadsheet and generated state table data as C code. This was linked to an FSM evaluator in C. The FSM was controlled by a bare-metal driver and triggered callbacks on each state transition.

Most of the callbacks were marked “not yet implemented”. In fact, only two states were even reachable: BUTTON_UP and BUTTON_DOWN. Eventually the entire project was canned, but not because of missing support for BUTTON_TIMEOUT or any of the other states.

Oh, yeah, the FSM didn’t do any debouncing, so the low-level driver had to do that before passing button up/down events to the FSM.

How Dirtying Pure Functions a Little Can Be Useful

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Functional purity is a valuable concept for writing maintainable code, though outside of functional programming languages like Haskell, it’s often treated like a nice-but-expensive luxury. But it turns out that pure functions that aren’t quite so pure can be cheap while still having concrete benefits for code in non-functional languages like C++, Java and Python. For D code, this is supported by the language itself, but there’s nothing D-specific about the overall idea.

Why Defensive Coding Matters - A War Story


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Story time.