Hi, I’m Simon Arneaud, an independent tech consultant, and this is my personal blog.

My typical day job is what some people call site reliability engineering (SRE). I help organisations develop, deploy and manage software systems that are reliable, maintainable, efficient and scalable (for both machines and people). If you’re interested, you can read more about SRE in a free book produced by Google engineers.

I also do programming and other nerdy things as hobbies. Sometimes I publish my programming projects on Gitlab.

Things I post about

You’re probably not interested in all the things I am, so I organise my posts by tag. Most of my posts are about

A lot of my hobby programming is in the D programming language, so I try to help document various D-related things.

Can I work for you?

To save some time, check this list before contacting me:

Do you want me to join your company as an employee?

Sorry, I enjoy running my own business, so you’d have to offer me an above-market deal to give it up. Realistically, you’re better off finding someone else who does want to be an employee.

Do you have a cool business idea and want someone to build it?

I recommend reading a book like The Lean Startup, and prioritising finding a market fit as quickly and cheaply as possible. Performance and scalability can come later.

Do you want me to work for a discount because your project is “interesting”?

Don’t bother. I’m actually more attracted to “boring” projects because when there’s demand for something “boring”, that’s a good sign it really matters to real people.

Is there a technical problem blocking something that really matters to your business, but you’re not sure if it’s my thing?

Email me!