The DConf 2016 talk videos have been released.

Here’s my (very short) list of special recommendations. They’re worth watching even if you don’t use D.

Spelunking D Compiler Internals – Walter Bright

This is just Walter Bright talking about compilers. On the one hand, there’s no way he can give a proper talk about this topic in just one hour. On the other hand, he does know compilers, and over the years he’s had a lot of good ideas about how they should work, and about software engineering in general. You don’t have to be a compiler writer to get something out of this talk.

Using Floating Point Without Losing Your Sanity – Don Clugston

This talk wasn’t D-specific at all. Floating point mathematics is full of pitfalls. Don Clugston doesn’t cover them all, but he gave a really good presentation of a lot of stuff that’s important to know. I think this was one of the most popular talks.

Quantum Break: AAA Gaming With Some D Code – Ethan Watson

Remedy Entertainment used D as a kind of scripting language in their AAA release Quantum Break. Ethan Watson doesn’t into the full gory technical details, but I liked the presentation because he talks very practically about the experiences they had trying to use a compiled language as a scripting language in their project.