DConf 2016 Talks


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The DConf 2016 talk videos have been released.

Here’s my (very short) list of special recommendations. They’re worth watching even if you don’t use D.

How Dirtying Pure Functions a Little Can Be Useful

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Functional purity is a valuable concept for writing maintainable code, though outside of functional programming languages like Haskell, it’s often treated like a nice-but-expensive luxury. But it turns out that pure functions that aren’t quite so pure can be cheap while still having concrete benefits for code in non-functional languages like C++, Java and Python. For D code, this is supported by the language itself, but there’s nothing D-specific about the overall idea.

What Difference Can Order Make When Hashing?


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I saw this thread about password hashing on the D language forums. The original post had a good question that didn’t get answered at the time: if you’re hashing a bunch of things, can it make any difference (for security) what order you do it?

The answer turns out to be yes, and it’s a neat example of the difference between theoretical ideals and real-world systems. Because I think this stuff is worth knowing if you’re using cryptographic hash functions for, you know, actual crypto, I thought I’d write up a blog post about why it can matter.