So, I haven’t published any posts since the end of January, but I’m still around. I’m currently in Sydney, where many shops and most offices are closed because of COVID-19. The pandemic has disrupted a lot of my plans for this year (including DConf), but I’m hoping to get back into blogging at least.

There’s a post I’ve been wanting to get done since February, but I’ve split off some of it into a separate post I’m publishing now. Hopefully I’ll get the main post out a few weeks later.

Best wishes wherever you are. Right now I’m feeling pretty lucky to be in the IT industry, even though a lot of us are losing jobs, too. If you happen to know anyone working in health, or in warehouses, or emergency services, or as drivers, or as cleaners, or in other services, let them know there are people out there who have respect and gratitude for the work they’re doing right now.