Terraform is Best for Configuring Hashicorp Vault


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Hashicorp Vault is a handy tool for scalable secrets management in a distributed system or team-based project. Unfortunately, the only out-of-the-box way to configure it is through its API (or a UI), but most projects that need Vault will need to manage the configuration in source control.

There’s a workaround explained on the Hashicorp blog. It’s a neat hack, but here’s a quick note about why using Terraform’s Vault integration is a better idea for production use.

A Quick and Hacky Way to Serve a Git Repo over HTTP


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More and more development tools are supporting git repository URLs as a way of pointing to code or data. That’s convenient if you’re working with a mature, third-party repository that’s already hosted, but it means that sometimes you just need a quick way to serve a repo over a web interface for experimental work.